Saturday, June 07, 2008

I know it has been forever!

Well it has been quite some time since I posted last! Things have really changed for me in the last 6 - 9 months and I have had a hard time adjusting to the different schedule. But, I think I am finally getting use to the new schedule and starting to make it work for me instead of it working me!

I have been stamping - there is always time for that!

This is my latest creation! I stamped this with a Hanna Stamps set. I love this set! See my Husband has a Harley that I think he loves more then me! LOL - If any of you have husbands that have Harley's I am sure you will understand what I mean!
Last weekend I attended a shoebox swap in Williamsburg, I had such a wonderful time. The hostesses did a fabulous job and had lots of door prizes to give away. I was totally surprised to hear my name called. See, I hardly ever win anything so I was not sure why they were calling my name out, I was busy stamping at the time. When I looked up they were coming towards me with a wonderful door prize donated from Hanna Stamps!
Then at the end of the day, a wonderful lady named Vickie came up to me and gave me her door prize it was this lovely motorcycle set from Hanna stamps. I wanted her to trade and take my original set but she didn't want it, she said she wanted me to have this set. So - Vickie Thank you so much you are a wonderful person!
I used stickles on the motorcycle to give it a sparkly effect. See my husbands motorcycle is what he calls white gold pearl. I often give him a hard time about the color and ask why he didn't get a blue or burgundy one. He tells me this color is much prettier and he wouldn't have one of the others. Doesn't he realize how hard it is to color a card that color??? The cardstock is pale plum, perfect plum and shimmery white. The coloring is with SU markers.
I would like to thank Kristi at Hanna Stamps for donating this wonderful set!


stampin_melissa said...

Welcome back! Yipppiiieee! Cute card!

Amanda Sewell said...

YAY Hanna Stamps! Very cute card Cyndi!!! Glad to see you back and posting girl!!!