Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hardware update!

The share is going wonderfully! Thank you everyone for your interest!

I have placed an additional order for more that I hope to receive on Friday.

I am currently filling orders with what I have on hand and once my supply is depleted I will continue to fill the orders with the new shipment when it arrives!

To answer a few questions, I am more then happy to ship to Canada. If I haven't responded to an email from you could you please send it again. At this point I am up to date on responding to all emails I have received.

Please be sure to note whether you would like silver or gold when ordering. Thanks again everyone!

For your convenience here is a direct link to the original post about the hardware:

Giftable Frame

Well, I wanted to make a little something for my husband so that he doesn't forget about me! LOL! He is very busy right now and doing some travelling, he is gone this week and will be gone next week also!

I decided to make a little picture frame using chipboard coasters. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do but I wanted it to be like a picture frame. You know the kind where you insert the photo from the top.

This is made using 3 coasters, the top one on the left is punched out with my sizzix. (Man I wish I had a cuttlebug!) I covered the top two coasters (left and right) with scrapbook paper covering the opening that I made with the sizzix. From the back I carefully cut the paper away from the opening that was previously cut out. I then put the left and right coasters together with the Large Metal Hinge (See post below about hardware). After attaching the hinge I applied another coaster to the back of the left one that has the opening leaving adheshive off at the top and close to the sides of the opening. Thus leaving a little slot to insert a photo. Once they were together I took the piece that I had cut from the opening and applied adhesive and stuck it on to the back coaster thru the opening on the front one. This way if the picture is removed you still see decorated paper!

I then decorated the rest with some of the stickers from the scrapbook kit that the paper was from. I added primas and ribbon to help balance it out. I was pleased with the outcome. I hope he likes it!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Siesta Time

A friend of mine asked me recently to make some invitations for a bridal shower.
It is a co-ed shower with a mexican theme. She had a bunch of great ideas for what she wanted
them to look like.

We worked together and this is the outcome of our head bashing. This is the invite and the gift enclosure card.

The stamp of the hat was one we had made from a piece of clip art that we found. Couldn't seem to find any good sombrero stamps in the time frame we needed so this worked out well. It is colored using the Stampin' Up watercolor crayons. The copy was done on the computer. Real read card stock from Stampin' Up and scrapbook paper from our local scrapbook store were used. The charms came from Oriental trading. They are so cute!

Well, the bridal shower is tomorrow and I hope everything goes well!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hardware Embellishments

Oh how I love metal!
I have found some wonderful metal embellishments and would like to share these with all of you.
They are hinges in various sizes and corner protectors.
The hinges come with brads and small screws they are available in gold or silver.



The corner protectors are also available in gold or silver.

The hinges are available in packages of 10 hinges, 40 screws, 40 brads - There are 3 different sizes available right now.

1. Small Retangular is 1/2" Silver or Gold (10) with screws (40) and brads (40) - $3.50

2. Medium with rounded ends 5/8" Silver or Gold (10) with screws (40) and brads (40) - $3.75

3. Large decorative 1 1/8" Silver or Gold (10) with screws (40) and brads (40) - $5.50

4. Corner protectors with scroll on outside Silver or Gold Package of 20 - $4.00

5. Metal Mania Package - One package each from numbers 1 - 4 above for $15.00. Colors can be mixed for the metal mania package but not within each item.

Shipping will be by first class mail. For items 1 - 4 $1.50 per package, multiple packages will be combined under one shipping charge.

Shipping for the metal mania package is $2.00

I will accept paypal, checks or money orders. Orders are available and ready to ship now, I have these in hand. Please contact me at

Thank you!


Well I enjoyed some stamping time this morning with some friends. We get together occasionally and do a shoebox style swap. It's always a good time! Great ideas and great conversation!

When one of us has a birthday we try to do a little potluck style lunch. Today was one of the girls birthday. Talk about good food! Wow it was delicious, stuffed shells, oriental salad, green salad, fruit salad, bread and chocolate eclair for desert! Way more then what I am used to eating for lunch but boy was it good. Keeping that in mind I tried to keep dinner a little on the lighter side tonight!

Well anyway back to the point of my post! I made a little gift for my friend who had the birthday and wanted to share it here.

I used one of the simply scrappin' kits from Stampin' Up that was in the Sell-a-bration catalog to decorate this.

The main body of it is made from chipboard coasters. I trimmed each side down to make them rectangular in shape rather than square. I punched holes with my crop a dile and laced ribbon thru to hold all the pieces together. (This was the most time consuming part of this!) Before punching them I had covered them with the scrappin' paper.

The letters are stamped with chocolate chip on white then layered on chocolate chip. Stickers applied to give it a little umph!

For the corners on either end I used some corner protectors that I purchased. They are so cool and I think really add a lot to the project and it's overall look.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Stamping! It's the fun thing to do!!!

I have wanted to stamp for days now and finally spent some time doing it yesterday. Wasn't sure what I was going to do at first. I have several ideas that have been swirling around in my head but just wasn't sure I wanted to tackle them.

So, when I sat down at my table I saw a piece of background paper sitting there and decided to use that up. (It is the same piece I used on my big clip that I posted previously.) I can't remeber who the paper is by for sure, but I know I picked it because I really like the colors in it.

I stamped a few cards and then decided to work on this little clip board stand. It is the cutest little stand thing and it has a clip on it just like a clip board. It is about 5 x 7. I found it at A.C. Moore for $1.00.

I used sticky tape to adhere the paper to the unfinished wood and let it overlap the edges slightly. Then I took ribbon and went around the whole outside edge (you can't see this in the photo!) to cover up where the paper went around the edges. I needed a little something to cover up the little 'not so perfect spots' at the top around the clip so I decided to use some primas on either side in the back of the clip. Then that great big shiny silver clip was bugging me so I added the large prima to it, like I have seen others do.

Stamped the saying and mounted it in the middle of the board and viola, it was finished!