Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gift Tin

My middle DD had a birthday party to go to last weekend. Her friend likes pigs! Different, but I do see where they can be cute! Like these cute little buttons for instance. I found these at JoAnn's and just couldn't pass them up.
She had also found a cute little stuffed pig to give to her so we decided that this tin would be the perfect thing to put it in. She did most of the work. I was there to assist when needed but she did really good on her own. We used the designer paper to cover the tin and edged it with grosgrain ribbon. She wanted to be sure that it had lots of ribbon on it. So after picking thru all of my ribbon to find the right ones we started tieing them on the top. (That is quite time consuming, not hard just a lot of time!) She added a few primas to the front and top. And we cut the shanks off the piggy buttons and put those on with glue dots.
Never really could find out from her weather her friend liked it or not. But I think she did! Never know about teenagers though!

Stamping too!

Ok so school projects aren't the only thing I have been doing!
I have managed to get a little stamping in here and there. Seems like it has mostly been there! Never enough of it to suit me. And of course I always have those days where nothing turns out right. They are so frustrating! But it is nice when things turn out good.
I like my end result with this card. It took me a little while but I was pleased in the end.
I use the paper trey stamp set that came out last month, basic grey paper and Stampin' Up paper. The polka dot ribbon is some I got from one of Jody's shares. I love this Basic Grey paper. I can't seem to get away from it lately. Something about those stripes that I really like!

School Projects

Well it seems that the end of the school year always brings lots of projects.
Don't know why that is but somehow it always seems to be this time of year or right around the holidays, when you are the busiest.
My youngest DD had to do a project for Science. They are studying the different space crafts that have been launched. Each student has to pick a different one and then they do their project on it. Collecting as many interesting facts, data and such as they can on the individual craft. Not always the easiest task on some of the earlier ones.
Her particular craft was the Freedom 7. It is funny how as I get older these projects really aren't so bad. See I was terrible at science and history when I was younger. They just weren't my thing. I really didn't get why we had to learn about things that didn't really affect our current lives. So now when one of my children has a project I somehow manage to learn something interesting. It is actually interesting to me now!
So, I helped her with this model. She had originally wanted to make it from popsicle sticks. Luckily, I found this tube from the inside of some wrapping we use at work. She was very happy with the way it turned out. I thought it looked pretty cool. So, since I haven't posted much lately I figured I would share this with you so you can see what other things I am involved in.