Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Giftable Frame

Well, I wanted to make a little something for my husband so that he doesn't forget about me! LOL! He is very busy right now and doing some travelling, he is gone this week and will be gone next week also!

I decided to make a little picture frame using chipboard coasters. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do but I wanted it to be like a picture frame. You know the kind where you insert the photo from the top.

This is made using 3 coasters, the top one on the left is punched out with my sizzix. (Man I wish I had a cuttlebug!) I covered the top two coasters (left and right) with scrapbook paper covering the opening that I made with the sizzix. From the back I carefully cut the paper away from the opening that was previously cut out. I then put the left and right coasters together with the Large Metal Hinge (See post below about hardware). After attaching the hinge I applied another coaster to the back of the left one that has the opening leaving adheshive off at the top and close to the sides of the opening. Thus leaving a little slot to insert a photo. Once they were together I took the piece that I had cut from the opening and applied adhesive and stuck it on to the back coaster thru the opening on the front one. This way if the picture is removed you still see decorated paper!

I then decorated the rest with some of the stickers from the scrapbook kit that the paper was from. I added primas and ribbon to help balance it out. I was pleased with the outcome. I hope he likes it!


Lisa said...

This is so cool. I'm sure he will appreciate it!

Gerrie said...

Great idea. I have some coasters I want to use. Thanks for sharing